Chris Loverseed

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Melbourne, Australia
Cert 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour
Assistance dog training
Substance Detection
Complex skills
Dog trainer and behaviour consultant- Business Owner
13 years of industry experience-
PK9 Training- Melbourne's most reviewed and recommend In person dog training service
PK9 Online- Australia's largest Online dog training community
PK9 Gear- Quality dog training equipment
PK9 Consulting- Digital strategy consulting for pet based businesses
PK9 Corporate- Consulting and management of dog friendly offices
Yuppy Puppy Day Spa- Botique dog grooming salon
A Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur and Canine Expert

🐾 Dog & Puppy Training: With years of hands-on experience, I specialise in both dog and puppy training, focusing on positive reinforcement techniques that foster good behaviour and a strong human-canine bond.

🐾 Dog Behaviour: My deep understanding of canine psychology allows me to effectively address behavioural issues, creating harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners.

👥 Team Leadership: As a seasoned leader, I've successfully managed diverse teams across various industries, instilling a culture of collaboration and excellence.

📈 Business Development: Owning multiple companies has equipped me with the skills to identify market opportunities and drive business growth through strategic planning and execution.

📱 Social Media: Leveraging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I've built strong online communities that amplify brand awareness and customer engagement.

💻 Digital Strategy: My expertise extends to formulating digital strategies that optimise online presence, from SEO to content marketing, ensuring a cohesive brand message across all channels.
Dog training
Personal development
With 13+ years of experience as a world-renowned Dog Behaviour Expert and Professional Dog Trainer, I leverage the foundations of canine behavioural science and hands-on experience to meet the unique needs of each of my clients, offering personalised dog training solutions in a positive first approach.

As the Founder of Positive K9 Training, my interests are deeply rooted in the human-dog relationship and in building strong bonds of loyalty and trust between dogs and their owners. At Positive K9 Training, we are mission-driven to make a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners on a national scale, empowering them with scientifically-proven training and the most effective, evidence-based educational tools, corporate strategies and teaching programs on the market.

I also hold a nationally recognised dog behaviour and training qualification from the National Dog Trainers Federation and have seasoned experience in training assistance dogs, substance detection training, complex skills and tricks, class instruction and bespoke solutions to suit business needs and personal objects.

After more than a decade of providing comprehensive dog training solutions, I relentlessly continue to drive value for the clients, canines, and communities I serve and represent.
If you would like to connect for business purposes, there are many ways we can work together and I welcome and look forward to connecting with you.