Lauren 'Loz' Antonenko

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Ipswich, Queensland
Bachelor of Arts (Information Technology & Contemporary Studies)
Certificate III & IV Fitness
Certificate IV Entrepreneurship & Small Business
Studio Pilates International Matwork Certification
Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor Certification
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certification
Life Coaching Certification
Dietflex Weight Loss & Wellness Certification
Mindful Meditation Certification
ENAR Advanced Therapist Certification
Flowcode FlowCoach Certification
Healthy Habit Coach, Mojo Mechanic, Motivational Speaker and Author
Healthy Habit Coach
2022 AUSActive Personal Trainer of the Year - National Winner
2023 AUSActive Fitness Instructor of the Year - QLD State Winner

I help entrepreneurs, biz owners and teams simplify better eating, breathing, sleep, movement and hydration for unstoppable performance, confidence and focus
Harnessing the transformative power of habit, it's my mission to help busy people upgrade their happiness, health and vitality to take them from stuck to unstoppable.
Bio-hacking, personal fitness, personal development, love music, dirt bikes
In times of crisis, we often seek grand solutions, overlooking the profound impact of the simple daily habits we already have - eating, breathing, sleeping, moving, and hydrating – things we do automatically and without thinking. These habits, when not thought about, have the potential to be handbrakes in our life. We can move, but barely. Surviving, not thriving. Existing, not living.

With 76% of small business owners reporting that their health is adversely affected by the stresses of running a business, it’s clear that our small business community is struggling from the top down. As a small business owner for nearly two decades, I understand the nuances of business ownership where there’s a tendency to prioritise work over self-care.

In a world searching for quick fixes, embracing the power of internal transformation is key. By addressing what we do daily, we can face the hard work, uncertainties and pain of life with more strength and resilience where everything else life becomes easier. The great news is, this is a transferable skill set.

My journey has not been without its twists and turns —including overcoming sexual assault, the suicide of my first husband, a brain tumour and hole in my heart – and there was a time when my life was all about avoidance and escape. That led me to the idea of handbrake habits. This wasn’t a grand, sweeping new vision of life. It was a simple, one thing at a time approach. And it worked. Simplify to amplify.

Now, I experienced the same pull to look for a silver bullet to solve everything, which is what most humans do, right? We tend to seek quick, easy and fast solutions. Instead, we need to embrace the simplicity of transformation that lies not in the external, but in the internal, not in the complex but in the simplicity of what we already do everyday. As a Healthy Habit Coach and Mojo Mechanic, using the concept of Handbrake Habits I've helped countless individuals confront and transform their lives by helping them tweak their daily habits so they’re able to live much happier and more fulfilled lives.