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Bachelor of Arts -Drama & Spanish.
Badass Negative Thought Buster
I am now known as the Badass Automatic Negative Thought Buster, using my wealth of lived experience to Mentor & Coach clients in the best ways to improve their quality of life & achieve their life goals.

Currently & for over 30years I have been a committed perioperative trauma surgical nurse within both private & public health networks.

My interest in everything artistic inspired me to take my life stories as inspiration for writing & publish poetry, writing/directing/producing/performing a solo stage show, public speaking, co-hosting on radio as well as singing, acting, & dancing my way around a multitude of stages & on tv.

This year my passion for improving lives has seen me reach a wider audience helping more people with my amazon No1 bestselling book- See You Reclaim You Be You - A Badass Guide to Getting Out of Your Own Head and Mastering Your Life.

Badass Negative Thought Busting, Transformative Positive Mindset, Womens Issues, Healthcare, Mental Health, Life-Work Balance.
Friends & dogs as family, singing, music & dancing, travel, gin.
From an early age racial, homophobic, misogynistic, sexual, bullying, physical & emotional traumas, & even the death of loved ones dogged each year of my life. Fighting pain, anguish, & frustration to repair myself time & time again felt like walking through quicksand & I simply ran out of energy & sank. My days and nights were consumed with negative thoughts of the world & of myself. One particularly dismal day in 2004, I aimed my car at a tree, a glint of sunlight through the windscreen snapped me out of my daze, and I applied the car breaks. Nature & the universe have always reminded me that I was born to fight against the grain, to find my own way to live in life. I thought,

“What if I just keep living?”

So, it was a simple glint of sunlight that inspired me to seek and tailor positive mindset solutions and techniques to suit my needs. I went from a self-hating misfit to a self-loving individual. These skills garnered from my research, over 30years of nursing & my lived life experiences, are what I now pass on to my clients. Of the 60,000 thoughts each person has in a day, over 45,000 of those thoughts are negative. Thats 75% negativity in a day and for people with mental health disorders such as depression & anxiety those figures are staggeringly higher. I aid people in flipping those percentages & beyond by providing safe spaces where, either 1on1 or in varied sizes groups, I expertly tailor mentoring & coaching for people from varied intersectional backgrounds to discover, explore and expand their inner positivity.

Clients are transforming their minds & kicking goals; they have taken to calling me The Badass Negative Thought Buster.
My aim is to inspire people worldwide to become open minded, positive, badass life dream achievers.