Janelle Slater

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Brisbane, Australia
Diploma of Business
Founder / Owner
Previously working in Real Estate and Finance, I now own an online based eco-friendly dinnerware company.
Caravanning, working remotely, sustainable dinnerware.
Travel, caravanning, snowboarding, gym, sustainability and love a good margi.
When covid hit in 2020 and overseas travel went out the window, our family joined the record numbers of Australian families in purchasing a caravan and traveling our great southern land.

In my mission to make our van homely, stylish and as eco-friendly as possible I discovered a need for dinnerware that looked good, was lightweight, travel proof, microwave safe and wouldn't harm the Earth, leading to my company Daisy Graze being born.

Now one of the most popular dinnerware options in the travel market, we are ditching the 9-5 stereotype and run businesses from the road whenever we decide to take off on our travels while still having a home and business address to come back to.

My hope is for more people to combine their love of cooking, traveling or entertaining but make earth-friendly choices along the way.