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Priscilla Jeha

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Yale University - The Science of Well-being
(About to Commence) - Undergrad Cert in History & Philosophy of Complementary Medicine
eCommerce Accelerator
Advisory Board - Technical Foundations
JP (Qual)
IECL - Certificate of Organisational Coaching
Invited directly by Arianna Huffington to write for the Huffington Post.
Launched own lip balm brand in London with successful PR in Vogue UK, Vogue Portugal, Glamour UK, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph Magazine and in the hands of 'IT' girls at the time - Daisy Lowe, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Alexa Chung.
Solo Mother - 7 year old twins, conceived by Donor
RPL - Recreational Pilots Licence (fixed-wing)
3 Years - Research and consultation with Nutritionists and Naturopaths and University studies on natural therapies and detoxing.
15 Months - Research into category, trends, products and outcomes of the detox industry / category.
30 Years - Advertising and Marketing industry, formerly GM of ASX listed integrated agency (Australia), Global Business Director, Grey London (UK)
Will be updated in January when website (with blog) is live.
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Detox, Detoxing, Wellness, Natural Cleaning
Wellness, Wellbeing, Kids, Family, Solo Parenting, Donor Conceived Parenting, Twins, Healthy Homes, Natural Health, Detoxing, Weight Loss, Flying, Home decor / Interior Design
My professional history spans some 30 years in both Australian and European advertising agencies. I've proudly lead global teams and ASX listed integrated agencies to win a multitude of awards. But after decades of advertising all manner of goods and services for my clients, I've felt compelled to lean in to a more passionate, personal and purpose-driven enterprise.

My insatiable curiosity to reduce the toxin load for myself, my children and in my home, all started when my twins were just toddlers (basically crawling around, licking the floor all day!). I saw it as both my responsibility and heart-felt mission to create a home environment, that set up their very best health and wellbeing for the future.

Fast forward 5 years of curating research; consultation with numerous experts including Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Universities; and testing of many quality, natural products (I'm a busy, professional Mum... I need unfussy, simple solutions to reduce our toxin load, or I'm out!) - and St Agnes Rituals is born in January '23.

St Agnes Rituals includes a range of natural products, books, kits and knowledge to help reduce toxins in wonderful humans and their homes.

As humans, we are exposed every day to a minimum of 700,000 chemical toxins (although it's more like 2.1M) through exposure to the environment, water, cleaning products, fragrances, plastics, personal products and food... modern life in general. While our bodies truly are incredible filtering machines, whatever toxins it can't process naturally, gets stored in places like our nerves, glands and our brains.

When we support our own natural systems to remove those excess toxins, the benefits are:
-> Greater clarity
-> Increased energy and vitality
-> We are less bloated
-> We can often drop a few kg's and
-> Our skin is more firm and plump
-> And our hormones are more balanced... amongst so many other things!

I've recently been successful in pitching and securing both state and federal government grants to take St Agnes Rituals globally, which will roll-out in 2023, with the UK as the first market beyond Australia.