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Gym Etiquette 102 - it's time to graduate people!

The gym can be a foreign place of unwritten rules and strange smells. While I can’t necessarily help you with the smells, what I can do is help make this publicly used domain as harmonious and pleasant as possible by making these previously unwritten rules explicit.
Just in case you haven’t graduated from Gym Etiquette 101, here is a crash course before we commence to the more advanced content:

Put your equipment away: just to clarify, put your equipment away neatly where it belongs.

Train with a towel: this doesn’t mean sling it over your shoulder then chuck it on the floor while you schlep your sweaty moist body all over publicly used equipment. This means using your towel to cover equipment as best you can while you schlep your sweat moist body all over publicly used equipment.

Don’t be late to group classes: when attending group classes live by the mantra ‘if you’re on time you’re already late’. Being late is disruptive to the class, potentially dangerous for you and off-putting for the Trainer/Instructor. It’s also probs part of the terms & conditions of entry to said class soooo…

Gym Etiquette 102

Don’t monopolise/hog equipment
I’m talking to you, person that sets up a circuit of 15 pieces of equipment across 50 square metres and 2 floors of the gym. Or person that rules a single piece of equipment for 30 minutes at a time. The only time this is maybe an acceptable scenario is at 3:27am when it’s just yourself in the entire facility (and maybe one murderer).

You don’t OWN a spot at the gym
You wouldn’t believe the passive-aggressiveness (and one time aggressive-aggressiveness) I have witnessed when a fellow gym member has stood in someone else’s ‘spot’ in a group fitness class. Here’s the thing: stand somewhere else. Or arrive at your class early and claim your precious spot.

Don’t talk to a Personal Trainer that has a client
That client is paying very good money to be with their PT for a limited amount of time, so keep the chitty-chat and disruption to zero or 10 words or less.

While we’re at it – don’t talk to those wearing headphones
I feel like this is an unwritten rule in general life, but unless you are asking headphone-person when the fuck they will be finished with their 15 station circuit, just leave them alone. Even the rare person without the headphones in the middle of a gym session, don’t interrupt them with long conversations either. They could be time pressed and/or they’ll start to cool down if they stop and chat for too long.

The gym change room is not your personal day spa
If you are using this public facility to get ready for the day after your gym session, it is purely for functional readiness: shower, dress, face, hair. This is not the time or place for plucking, shaving, picking, trimming or squeezing.

Be respectful of space
Must you occupy the very next treadmill? Is it necessary to do bicep curls in the squat rack? Dump your towel on the bench you aren’t using, train 30cm from the dumbbell rack so no one else can access weights, monopolise the mirror taking selfies, scatter your bag and random contents all over the floor (seriously you’re at the gym, not an overnight wellness retreat). Be aware of your surroundings and respect the space that others need to use, not only for safety reasons, but because you’re not a dick.