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Pharmacist (BPharm, MPS), Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, PMC (Paediatric Massage Consultant) & CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor)
Pharmacist, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Author, Podcaster
Registered Pharmacist from USYD since 2007 and have worked right across Australia in community pharmacy. Completed my Ayurveda and paediatric massage qualifications in 2022, publishing my book, children's book and guided meditations after founding the Whole-istic Healing Co. platform.

I launched the 'Thrive with Whole-istic Healing Co.' podcast last year on all major podcast hosts & our YouTube channel, whilst blogging directly through our platform as well as on Goodreads and Medium.

I am an avid mental health advocate with Mental First Aid certificate, as well as being on the Clinical Governance Committee for the Gidget Foundation and a proud Gidget Angel.

I have spoken at The Admiralty House to His Excellency Governor General and Her Excellency Mrs Hurley in 2022 during Perinatal Mental Health Week. I have been interviewed on SBS News and SBS Indian Radio.
Facebook: whole_istichealing

Instagram: whole_istichealingco

Pharmacist, Mental Health (perinatal mental health especially), Ayurveda and Infant Massage
Reading, spending time with my two boys & hubby, going to the beach, personal growth and connecting with like minded souls!
As an Eastern and Western medicine health professional, with my lived experience, my published book/children's book/blogs/podcast/guided meditations/Ayurvedic cookbook and soon to be launched online courses, are designed to help the PATIENT and their ENTIRE family unit to navigate through their MENTAL HEALTH journey in pregnancy & postpartum.

It is through my lived experience that I vowed to create tools to fill the VOIDS that myself and my family experienced. I did not want any other family to fumble through the darkness like we did and wanted to ease their journey through this chapter with my knowledge, tools and learnings. I strip the condition apart & inside out, to bring LIGHT into a condition filled with so much darkness.

I strip away at the questions, stigma, taboo & much needed answers about treatments and WHAT to do to support each other through lifestyle & nutrition from Ayurveda to Western health strategies.

I believe that knowledge and information is the key to HEALTH LITERACY & I work daily to help the 100,000 families with PNDA each year in Australia to not feel alone in their experience.