Dr. Tracy A. Pearson, JD

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Los Angeles, CA, United States, Pacific Time Zone, PST UTC -8:00; PDT UTC -7:00
Ed.D. in Organizational Change and Leadership, University of Southern California
Conducted the first empirical study on implicit bias and workplace investigations. Available through ProQuest.

JD, Syracuse University College of Law
Former Trial and Appellate Lawyer and Mediator for almost two decades.
Areas of practice can be found here: https://www.tracyexplains.com/expertise

Experienced Investigator with almost two decades of experience investigating matters involving children, fraud, and workplace matters.

Certified Business Coach
Commentator/Legal Analyst, Coach, Researcher, Consultant
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Implicit Bias
Organizational Change
Organizational Dysfunction
I live in sunny Los Angeles, California, as a transplant from New England. My favorite dog is a Boston Terrier - and I have, so far, been loved by two - one who at 17 years old crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019, which broke my heart, and another, who fills no shoes because she blazes her own trail.

I love to sail; I am keel boat certified by the U.S. Sailing Association. I learned to sail at the young age of 37 years old because I wanted to; the ocean is where I feel most at peace.

On the weekends I wake early to bake, which is meditative for me.

I miss going to concerts and hearing live music. My future goal is to learn how to play the guitar, not because I believe I could ever make a living at it, but because I wish I continued learning it after my first grade music teacher moved away and I no longer had lessons - my parents switching me to the clarinet of all things. My dream guitar is a a Gibson Custom Les Paul (narrow neck), ebony fret-board, Cherry Tea Burst.

If given a choice of between having the super power of being invisible or flying, I'd choose invisible hands down. Think of what rooms I could enter and what I would learn!

I love to write and I am working on a memoir. I have also been chosen to host a new talk show premiering December 2, 2021.
My gift is being able to explain complex concepts in ways that average readers and viewers understand.

I use law and social science to help others understand the every day issues and current events that journalists cover. I assist print journalists and appear on radio, television, and podcast programs.

I am an engaging guest who is fun to listen to; most hosts find that they change their perspective after hearing what I share.