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Leigh Hearl

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Gold Coast, Australia
Advanced Diploma Business/Marketing
The Psychology of Sales
Leadership in Change Management
Advanced Presentation Skills
Sales Leadership & Management
Founder, Facilitator, Advocate & Entrepreneur
Facilitator & Advocate
TEDx Speaker
Over 20 years in business leadership
Over 20 years building and developing business
Over 20 years in change management
Over 25 years sales and marketing leadership
Advocate - for breaking the silence
Advocate - human rights
Facilitator - for voices of change
Coach - writing to heal
A Voice for those who are silenced
Public Speaker & Presenter
TEDx Speaker
Mental Health
Breaking the Silence
Women's health
Domestic Violence Support
Child Abuse Support
Motivational Speaking
Life Coaching
Empowering Women
I had a painful secret. Hiding it nearly destroyed me. Consumed by shame, self-doubt and despair, it was only when I broke my silence that my broken heart began to heal. I looked around and realised how many people lock their painful secrets deep down inside, soldiering on in silence and never able to move on from traumatic experiences. The simple act of sharing my story set me free, so I decided to help others, founding Meg Heart.
The Meg Heart team create a safe space for people to break their silence and share their secrets so they can heal. I also believe real stories change the world, starting the conversations we must have. How can we help a mother confronting her daughter’s suicide attempt; a husband struggling with depression; a young girl speaking up about sexual abuse during her childhood; a refugee revealing the emotional toll of seeking a new life?
In November 2021 Meg Heart released the gripping and raw story of Rose, published in the book, Carbon Under Pressure. An ordinary woman who faced extraordinary circumstances, the real events that happened to Rose could happen to anyone of us. I advocate for people like Rose who want to break their silence, and for a world where the most painful secrets can be shared without fear.
“We can only heal as individuals and as a society when the silence is broken, and the truth can be shared without fear”