Michelle Follington

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Windsor, NSW
Qualified Senior Hairdresser for over 29 years
Health and Wellness Coach - Nature Care College
Hairstylist and Wig consultant
Over 29 years in the hairdressing industry
Wig Stylist for 5 years. Internationally trained.
Purchased first salon at 19 years old.
Current salon purchased 5 years ago.
Run a successful construction company alongside my husband for over 14 years.
Wig Services, consultation and customization.
Business Operations.
Mother of 3
Dog lover - 2 Shih-tzu's and 2 Cattle Dogs
Fine Dining
Mini Breaks
Dirt bike riding

I opened my first salon at 19 years old, after starting my family I sold up and became a stay at home mum. Not for long though as I then owned a coffee shop for 2 years after finding myself as a single mother.

Fast forward after marrying for a 2nd time, I opened a salon at home and continued to work like that for almost 8 years. during which time I was struck with health issues that saw me almost giving up hairdressing all together due to the chemical load on my struggling immune system.
It was then that I studied Nutrition looking for a career change. Alas this was not meant to be. As I discovered I was meant to be doing hair as I stumbled upon a line of certified organic hair care. I then started to research low tox professional use colours, this led me to falling in love with hairdressing all over again.
In 2018 when my kids had reached an age where I could go back to full time work I found a cute little salon to buy in my local area - Windsor NSW.

Upon inspection I was impressed with the facility of a beauty room out the back as I also perform facial waxing and tinting services.
At the time there were 22 wigs on display. I really didn't take too much notice of this as I knew nothing about them
But once I started to educate myself I just fell in love with wigs and the way they make people feel.

Once I purchased the salon and did a major renovation I invested some time into researching wigs and opening up new accounts with suppliers and ordering a few more in - my website launched a couple of months later with the change of business name and my advertising campaign begun....

It is at this point my life completely changed, the salon went from selling 2 wigs a month to selling an average of 30 a month. I was so in love with wigs I travelled to the U.S for hands on training.
I began to meet so many people. young and old that valued my expertise and as hard as some days where as I ventured into unknown territory of helping people who are effected by life threatening illness, I changed as a person.
I still go to the back room and have a cry or I cry at home with my family but I now know what I am meant to do with the rest of my working life.

Since then my business has Blossomed exponentially. We now carry over 250 styles in the salon and have ventured into non-medical hair replacement.

In October 2020 Launched a new online wig boutique called Wig Emporium.

I of purchased my own larger premises to house both wig businesses and we have added full organic beauty services at Blossom and my daughter is the beauty therapist.

In 2022 I have launched my own line of Wigs, toppers and headwear. Blossom Wigs

For the last 14 years I have manged all the administration for my husbands construction company - Noble Constructions and Developments
We specialize in the installation of structural staircases and heavy fab beams on-site and Welded Steel Frame Homes.

I wear many hats and I love it.