Kim Southwell

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Level 1 and 2 Yoga / Pilates certification (500 hours)
Yoga Instructor
Before I got my “Zen” on with yoga, I have held various titles including, Supermarket Owner/Operator, Warehouse Operations Manager, Flight Attendant, Recruitment Consultant and Barista. So, I can place a milk order to serve you coffee at altitude, as I determine the logistics of tracking down your next job.
My wide and varied experience now inspires my approach to get people moving amidst everyday work/life commitments with my online program, Feel Good in 4. From ground level employee to Director and single parent of 2, I can speak to a variety of work/life experiences.
Chair Yoga, Yoga / Pilates, Movement and Breathwork, Workplace/Work from Home Wellbeing, Health and Fitness for everyone.
Reformer Pilates, Hapkido – yellow belt (martial arts), Breath studies, riding my125cc scooter
After life-changing events in my personal life and selling a business I no longer wanted to be in, it was a time I could have easily fallen into doing work for the sake of a steady income. There’s no passion in that, so I chose a less practical path and enrolled in a yoga teacher training course to follow what had been on my to-do list since my early 20’s. Twelve months later I was teaching my own classes and was drawn to helping people with real issues, not just those who were already bendy.

The one person I could not help was my Mum. With a history of osteoarthritis in the family, Mum couldn’t get up and down off the floor let alone twist herself into varying pretzel shapes. So, I teamed up with an Exercise Physiologist to create a unique chair-based movement program that I was confident was safe for my Mum. Out of necessity, creativity and a little science, The Yoga Chair was established and a playbook of over 130 movements now form the basis of online and in-person programs that are truly available to everyone.

My clients access these programs from the kitchen chair to the work chair and every seat in between. One of my key objectives was not only to deliver an expert program, but also ensure it was accessible and do-able indiscriminate of age, ability, or gender.

At a time when ‘busyness’ is celebrated and the ‘hustle’ is praised, I show a gentler way to keep people playing at life no matter how active they are. It is in the small gains that I see the biggest impact such as, keeping people playing with their kids, getting in and out of the car with ease, walking with friends and doing the things they love.

I believe you can't teach what you haven't done yourself. I add movement wherever I find myself seated and enjoy all that life throws at me.