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Belinda Bailey

Recognised Expert

Recognised SourceBottle subscriber. Holder of an Expert Profile with contact details/backgrounder.

Diploma of Counselling
Neuro Linguistic Programming - Graduate Certificate
Transpersonal Psychology - Dip Counselling
Author - The Love Codes
Love and Relationship Specialist - Author of The Love Codes - Therapist - Communication Specialist - Relationship Educator
With more than 25 years working as a therapist, coach and counsellor.
I have also presented as a Relationship expert alongside such inspirations as The Dalai Lama, Dr Joe Dispenza and Greg Braddien.
After many years working with singles as couples I developed The Love Code 3 month intensive Relationship training Program based on Quantum Psychology, Neuro plasticity and Educational methods that transforms relationships within 12 weeks.

Conscious Uncoupling
Quantum psychology
Great Food
My passion to specialise in Relationships was seeded from my destructive childhood experiences and solidified after my first marriage ended in divorce and I found myself 30 something, desperate to find love and start a family but finding zero compelling prospects.

As a smart and self aware woman, it was very plain to see that many women were in the same boat, who may have most areas of their lives moving along successfully, but were finding love and connection eluding them. And that this had become a modern woman's pandemic

I spent the following years researching what patterns, behaviour and psychology prevails amongst the relationships that do prosper and developed these findings into a 3 month relationship training program The Love Codes, that has assisted myself and countless other women to find and sustain a meaningful relationship.

Now blissfully happy with my beautiful husband and adorable son and watching the incredible results from this work amongst women who were single now married, or on the brink of divorce now deeply happy I am on a mission to help the whole world love and be loved and have relationships in the way that they are intended to be. An oasis to come home to, a place of rest and reset.