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Dr Kirsty Seward

Recognised Expert

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Newcastle, NSW Australia
Doctorate of Philosophy in Behavioural Science (2019) - University of Newcastle, Aus
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (2012) - University of Newcastle, Aus
Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD). Accredited Nutritionist (AN). Body Image Coach. Behaviour Scientist (PhD).
* Almost 10 years experience in the nutrition, fitness and health industry as a clinical dietitian and behaviour scientist
* Supported over 15,000 clients transform their relationship with food
* Expert dietitian for four national body transformation/lifestyle refresh programs
* 2+ years experience recipe and menu development for national meal prep company (weight loss and lifestyle menu)
* 3 years experience University lecturing in Nutrition and Dietetics
* 30+ peer reviewed international journal publications
* Presented PhD research at 5+ international conferences
* 9 years experience as a Female entrepreneur (online business)
* 7+ years mentoring provisional accredited practicing dietitians and student dietitians
* Over $30,000 awarded for successful research grants for childhood obesity prevention
* Hunter Cancer Research Alliance Implementation Science Student Researcher Award (2017)
* Supporting women to break free from diet culture and fad diets - to heal their relationship with food and their body
* Women's health and well-being
* Body image and self-acceptance coaching
* Mindset and behaviour change
* Women's hormones and cycle health
* Childhood nutrition and obesity prevention
* Women's health
* Personal development - growth mindset
* Meditation
* Pilates
* My top 3 values are - connection, fun and compassion

From a young age I had an interest in nutrition, many of my fondest childhood memories are with my Nan and my sisters in the kitchen cooking the family favourite recipes or creating our own. My family are foodies and at every event, from the big celebrations to the weekly family BBQs, there is always guaranteed to be wholesome and delicious food. With a strong interest in nutrition and a passion for helping others, a career as a dietitian was a natural path for me. I was awarded a Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics in 2012 and in early 2013 I founded my own dietetic business. In 2020 I transitioned the business to an online coaching model.

As my career progressed, I took on the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on a population level and complete my PhD in Behavioural Science. My PhD thesis focused on childhood obesity prevention and increasing children's fruit and vegetable intake by improving the implementation of the national nutrition guidelines in childcare services. I was awarded my PhD in July 2019 and then accepted a lecturing position at the University of Newcastle to teach 3rd and 4th year students undertaking a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics.

With almost 10 years experience in the health, nutrition and fitness industry, I grew tired of seeing women beat themselves up every time they fell off the latest 'diet' wagon or repeatedly tell themselves they'd 'start again Monday'. To date I have supported over 15,000 clients break free from diets, and as an accredited dietitian with a PhD in behaviour science I am in an ideal position to help even more women transform their relationship with food, love their body and find their happy weight.

In 2021, I launched my signature 12 week 'Revive YOU' nutrition and mindset online course - to support women to break free from diet culture and find their happiest and healthiest self. 'Revive YOU' encompasses all the my personal experience and clinical knowledge accumulated over the past ten years as a clinical dietitian, nutritionist, and behavioural scientist. Revive YOU is here to help women ditch the all or nothing mentality that’s holding them back from a joy-filled life, break up with the emotional war they have with their body and help women achieve health goals that you never thought were possible.

In January 2021, after suffering from breast implant illness (BII) for over 18 months, I underwent explant surgery. My BII journey kick started my body image healing journey. I am grateful for this moment and I now combine this lived experience with my professional knowledge and skills to hold a safe space to support women through their own body image healing journey.