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Emily Martin

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Brisbane Queensland
I am an award winning gen Z entrepreneur specialising in the pet health and hygiene space. I have a background in midwifery and biomedical science. I regularly work with leading pet health professionals and veterinarians to explore the deeper ways we can care for our pets.
DIrector / CEO
* Channel 7 Awards Australia - Young Achiever Awards - Entrepreneur Winner - 2022
* 7 New young achiever awards - Semi Finalist - Women Empowering Others - 2022
* APAC Most Innovative Pet Hygiene Company Australia 2021
* Bronze - Clean and Conscious Awards 2021
* Young Women in Business Awards Brisbane 2020 - Young business woman of the year

As seen in:
- Australian Dog Lover
- Telstra Business Awards
- Clean and Conscious Awards
- Ticker News
- Animal Welfare League QLD
- 7 News Young Achiever Awards
- That's Life
- Modern Dog Magazine
- F Magazine
Sharing premium content with my audience as an expert in my field is a great passion.
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TikTok - @dundies_aus
Pet health and hygiene
Animal Welfare
Small Business
Social Media Marketing
Empowering Women
Gen Z
E-commerce, empowering women in the workforce, work life balance, dogs, sustainability and eco culture.
200 thousand dogs are euthanised in Australia in each year when they don’t need to be, and my incontinent bulldog Sophie almost met that exact same fate at just 6 weeks old! I knew something had to change, so in conjunction with vets I created the world’s first medical grade reusable dog nappy. Initially I created the nappy for Sophie, jokingly calling them her ‘dog undies’, but then I had pet parents contacting me asking for help and I learnt just wide spread this issue this was from senior dogs, dogs in heat, special needs pets, medication side effects, dogs with mobility issues and more. Almost 3 years on and a million dollars turn over later, my product range broadened from eco-friendly dog nappies, to mobility aids and other health tools, because, now I am on a mission to reduce premature euthanasia rates by changing the way we view pet care and animal welfare.