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Hannah Korrel

General Psychologist
Clinical Neuropsychologist (Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology)
Neuroscientist (PhD Neuroscience)
Author (How to Breakup with Friends)
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Neuropsychologist Hannah Korrel is the author of How to Break Up with Friends and has spent over a decade becoming an expert in why the brain makes us do the things we do. A fierce mental health advocate, Dr Han brings neurology and psychology together to explain common life dilemmas, minus the BS.

Dr Hannah Korrel is both a Clinical Neuropsychologist and a Registered Psychologist. She completed her university training and PhD in neuropsychology at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Korrel specialises in understanding the brain.

She completes neuropsychological assessments for children, teenagers, and adults - which means she is the person that tests IQ!

She assesses Intellectual Impairment, learning disorders, and neurological conditions (e.g., ADHD, Autism, Dementia, Brain injury).

Dr. Korrel has a special interest in Traumatic Brain Injuries. Importantly, she assists families with the management of challenging behaviours such as problematic school/home behaviour, inappropriate sexual behaviours etc.

Autism is another of Dr. Korrel’s specialties. Dr. Korrel is trained in the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) which is the gold-standard assessment tool to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Hannah can speak on a range of topics, including mental health, neuroscience, and good brain health.
Instagram: @nobullpsych

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Mental Health
Good Brain Health
Toxic behaviour
Ageing smart
Elite advantage on mental health
Dr Han completed over a decade of study in neuropsychology.

She published her first book in October 2020, and has had a huge media response since this time - featuring on media like The Project Aus and NZ, The Morning Show, The NZ Breakfast Show; Radio Programs like Radio Life Matters, Number one Podcasts in Australia (like Life Uncut and Matt & Alex's breakfast radio show), she is a regular contributor to articles for Body & Soul, and has appeared in the Daily Telegraph and Herald.

Dr Han is an engaging, down the earth speaker, who makes the science of brain health understandable and fun. She is passionate about explaining the neuroscience behind mental health. Her approach is to honour the intelligence of the listener, by explaining the complex science in a simple and fun way.

She has a focus on using science-backed tips to help people live their best lives!