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Kate Witteveen, PhD

B.Psych.Sci (Hons); PhD
Ceritifed in Conversational Intelligence, Certified Neurotransformational Life Coach, NLP Practitioner
Success and Empowerment Coach, Author
2018 - current Founder, Success and Empowerment Coach - Astute Consulting Services
2007 - 2018 - Academic in National School of Psychology
Facebook @astuteconsultingservices
Instagram @katewitteveen
Emotional wellbeing, burnout, perfectionism, success mindset, life coaching.
Running, reading, writing.
For many years, I followed the path that I thought a “good girl” should follow. I studied hard, got good grades, studied some more, got a PhD, got a good job and climbed up the academia hierarchy. I had a husband, three kids, and a great job. I was also completely stressed out, totally depleted, and running on empty.

In 2018, a perfect storm of organisational upheaval and a personal health crisis brought me to my pivotal point of no return. Despite my love of teaching, I knew my job was costing me more than it was paying me, and I had to make a massive change. My burnout was total and debilitating, making my career trajectory untenable. So, I decided to leap out of the safety and familiarity of academia, and into the great unknown of business. I founded Astute Consulting Services in 2018, and I am so glad I did.

With qualifications in psychology, counselling, and coaching, I bring a unique combination of intellect and intuition to the service of my clients. Integrating the science and art of being your best, I am passionate about empowering my clients to thrive in all aspects of their lives, especially through significant periods of transition. Having experienced the existential crisis of a major life upheaval, I am well-placed to support my clients to navigate the uncertainty and doubt that can feel overwhelming when trying to make significant changes or improvements to their lives.

My book, “Why Being Good can be Bad for You” shares the lessons I learned in my journey through and beyond burnout, and provides a framework for other recovering perfectionists to create sustainable work and life habits that protect their wellbeing. In addition to working with clients individually, I love providing professional and personal development workshops to organisations. My vision is to enhance the health, wellbeing and happiness of as many people as possible.