Jillian Bullock

Recognised Expert

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Sydney Australia
2014 Became a Fully Certified Black Belt via the LinkedIn Ninja Program USA.
2015 Ranked in the Top 200 Globally Ranked LinkedIn Trainer by USA marketers
2015 Ranked in the Top 150 Globally Ranked LinkedIn Trainer by European marketers
2017 One of only 12 "Recognised LinkedIn Independent Experts" by LinkedIn San Francisco HQ 2017-2018
2018 Winner of 'Best Use of LinkedIn Australasia 2018' by Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) Award
2018 Ranked No1 LinkedIn Trainer in Australasia 2018 by SMMI
2018 Ranked Top 18 Global LinkedIn Trainers University of Toronto
2019 Ranked Top 18 Global LinkedIn Trainers University of Toronto
2019 Finalised of 'Best Use of LinkedIn Australasia' by SMMI
2020 Ranked No1 LinkedIn 'Rockstar' Trainer Globally Feb '20 by USA Meller Marketing
2020 Only qualified LinkedIn Subject Matter Expert Speaker with PSA (Professional Speakers Australia) & on NSW Leadership Board for PSA
Certified LinkedIn Specialist
LinkedIn, LinkedIn Lead Generation & Social Selling (not careers or job seekers). Social Media, Marketing & Small Business.
LinkedIn, Women in business, working mums, working from home.

I finished a Marketing Diploma in 1998 and went into small business and corporate level marketing teams. In 2002, I decided to finally fulfill my dream of becoming self employed and started as a Marketing Consultant to Financial Planning firms as that's where most of my experience was. In 2008/9 more and more clients were asking me about Social Media so I started looking into where the demand was taking me. This is when my love affair started with LinkedIn.

Between 2011 and 2014 I built a business with 14 staff managing profiles and company pages with the Big Four; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus but I always personally loved LinkedIn the most. In 2013, I was approached to apply for the LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt Certification and as I loved LinkedIn decided it would be great to dive deeper into this platform. As I finished the 12-month Certification I slowly closed my service offering and let staff go while simplifying my offerings to LinkedIn exclusively in 2014. So, the 'Linkedin Ninja' is more than just a cool name, it's the name of the certification I completed.

Since then I've honed my skills, aligned with trainers around the globe and become one of the best of the best LinkedIn experts on the planet. Whether you're a small business owner, solopreneur or professional, I work with my clients to empower them with the skills and techniques to generate real lead and ROI on LinkedIn.

Being the only Aussie Certified 'LinkedIn Ninja' and the only Australasian LinkedIn Trainer to be formally recognised as an 'Independent LinkedIn Expert' by LinkedIn HQ, I am known for being at the cutting-edge. In August 2018 I won the ‘Best Use of LinkedIn 2018 Australasia’ by the Social Media Marketing Institute, in 2019 I finalised of 'Best Use of LinkedIn Australasia' by SMMI and most recently, I was ranked No1 LinkedIn 'Rockstar' Trainer Globally Feb '20 by USA Meller Marketing.