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Danyal Diallo

Melbourne, Australia
My name is Danyal Diallo, and I am a 17-year-old presenter, TEDx speaker, public speaking coach. I'm also an actor represented by Khans Entertainment Agency. I love what I do and consider myself to be a Talent and freelancer.

I am also a Business Management Student At Federation University.
Speaking and acting
I am various speaking experiences includes TEDx and other speaking engagements. I am also a public speaking coach.
I am a speaker, topics I talk about are;

- Business/entrepreneurship
- Goal Setting
- Collaboration within the community
- Self-awareness
- How to get a head in this digital age
- Personal interest includes;
- Socialising with different people in different countries.
- Reading personal development books such as 'The limping leader' by Dan B Allender and 'The Dynamic Leader' by Shelly Flett
- Volunteering in community works and events
- Writing stories

Danyal Diallo is only 17 years old and is a strong fighter against excuses and an even stronger advocate for social change. Coming to Australia Danyal found it hard to get along, he always felt this sense of displacement- living in a new country.

He discovered however the concept of ‘'home' is subjective”. Born in Sudan, Danyal sustained a hip injury when he was three after being pushed off a building. Every step he takes hurts. He uses that pain to remind him what he wants in life, which is certainly not to work for someone else.For Danyal, the things that normally hold people back – race, youth, disability- spur him on.

He teaches others that success is a choice and it’s always on the table. It’s up to you to grab it. This is highlighted in his TEDx presentation “Breaking the Stereotypes” Danyal is a youth leader still studying while working with his local Casey Council. As a social entrepreneur he is also an advocate for Destiny Rescue Australia. He believes that 'There is nothing greater than the chance to have a chance at something'. Danyal’s presentations are ideally suited for those who want to create change in their lives sharing his insight in philosophy, ethics, mindset, and leadership by leading by example. A true inspiration at such a young age Danyal Diallo is not going to let anything get in the way of what he wants to achieve.