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Conscious Leadership Expert
Women's Empowerment Advocate
Psychosynthesis Coach
Ayurvedic Wellness Expert
Meditation & Yoga Teacher
B.A. (Hons) Law
Dip. Legal
Speaker | Author | Leadership & Women's Empowerment Expert
Ted Ed Speaker | Author | Mentor

Holistic Leadership Expert | Women's Empowerment Advocate

Empowering teams & people to greater impact through conscious contribution.

Leadership without contribution is meaningless. But we cannot contemplate giving back when we are facing challenges and struggles in our own life.

I empower leaders, founders, teams and change makers across the globe who are on the brink of burn out, are disconnected from themselves and their families due to the increasing pressures at work, lack confidence in themselves despite having great career or business success to flip their limiting self talk, step into their power and create positive change in their own life, so that they can then make the meaningful contribution to the world that they know they came here for.

After a 16 year prestigious legal career in the top circle law forms in the UK and Australia, I sold my thriving legal business and home and retreated to India and the USA to study psychology, healing, meditation, yoga, entrepreneurship, coaching and mindfulness.

Over time, I began to realise that there was a connecting factor in all of these pursuits. My inner drive to find greater meaning to my life and my work. It occurred to me that I could actually do anything I put my mind to if I had a clear and meaningful purpose.

I went from burn out to unshakeable self belief with a flourishing business that gives back to individuals and the world bringing deep personal meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

Successful people know their purpose, set real goals to get there, surround themselves with the people and tools they need for their journey and are able to handle the detours where they come up with confidence and self assurance.

I now dedicate my life to helping leaders, lawmakers, founders and change makers develop unshakeable confidence, self empowerment and clarify their contribution and implement this into their lives and businesses to enjoy limitless success and impact.
Conscious Leadership Expert
Women's Empowerment Expert
Speaker | Leadership Mentor | Executive Trainer | Author
Profound Purpose Retreats
When not creating next generation conscious leaders, founders and teams, Anjani can be found writing poetry, songs, playing harmonium, skiing down a snowcapped mountain or trekking in a remote area of the planet.

Burned out, re-formed corporate lawyer, turned Conscious Leadership Expert and Women’s Empowerment Advocate, I went from personal crisis to a life of contribution. Exhausted from trying to compete with men in a male dominated legal profession where men both set the rules and, with an equal amount of gusto and entitlement, break them, I worked longer and harder to prove myself. I suffered in silence with daily panic attacks, depression, chronic digestive issues, and mental health challenges for over a decade.

Desperate to escape, I turned my back on a 16-year legal career at top law firms in the UK and Australia, auctioned my home and retreated to India to embark on my own version of the Eat-Pray-Love’ story.

My journey of recovery from total corporate burnout took me around the world to study with Eastern holistic experts and gurus in India, the USA and Europe. My healing journey saw me qualify as a psychosynthesis coach, yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurvedic holistic health expert and natural healer...but more importantly I became happy, healthy and found my purpose.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, I resurrected the ruins of my life to create success again. My resilience and courage to heal, recover, and rebuild have led me to mentor and inspire leaders, government ministers, entrepreneurs, executives and teams around the world to create personal transformation for greater more meaningful professional success.

In 2018, before anyone had ever mentioned ‘empathy training’, I co-founded ‘Massive Impact, The Heart of Self Love’. A ground-breaking event that brought together over 300 leaders and business owners from across Australia to share their experiences of how empathy, positive intelligence and social entrepreneurship was the key to them making a massive positive impact.

My business is built on training the next generation of conscious leaders, advocating for women's empowerment and catalysing change makers. Marginalised women are supported through a scholarship mentoring awards program, where they learn to reclaim their personal power and identity, find fulfilling work, and establish a new life and relationships that serve them.

As a proud Executive Committee member of ‘Silver Sirens’, empowering women over 50 to make challenging life choices, my business supports various charities including the Watarrka Foundation, Green Sakthi, Oz Harvest, The Orangutan Project, Tempus Novo and A Sound Life.

I believe that self-governance, empathy and service are the cornerstones for great leadership. To me, leadership without contribution is meaningless.

My 5 top tips for emerging and established leaders, are:

● build your internal mental and emotional resilience
● recognise that any challenge is the doorway to your greatest contribution
● break the mold and back your unique perspective
● get a mentor who has been where you want to go to champion your cause

When not developing superwomen and conscious leaders, I can be found writing poetry and travelling to sacred sites in far flung corners of the globe.

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As a reformed corporate lawyer who tired of the boys club, Anjani Amriit is now on a mission to empower leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to grow and transform personally so that they can give back professionally in ways that bring meaningful success and positive impact. An international best-selling author and speaker, she is currently penning her second book, ‘The 9 Realisations ~to discover who you really are and why you are here’, commissioned by Hay House.