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Misha Kaura

Hamilton, Bermuda | London, England | Paris, France | San Francisco, USA
- PhD in Fashion Design Management
- BS in Design Engineering
- AAS in Fashion Design
- Currently earning an JD/MBA dual degree at top schools in the USA
Designer and CEO
- Fashion Label Selling in 35 Countries starting May 2019
- Showed on runways 2x at Paris Fashion Week
- Showed on runways 2x at New York Fashion Week
- Operate a successful garment factory
- Fashion Design
- Fashion Manufacturing
- Female Entrepreneur
- 30 Under 30
- Embroidery
- Reading
I'm a 27-yo, top fashion designer formally based in Paris running a multimillion dollar, profitable fashion company at the intersection of design and manufacturing. My company, Darlinghurst Enterprises, is valued at over $100 Million USD and is poised to be a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange no later than 2021. I feel very passionate about women's rights and empowering women to look their best through my apparel.