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Michelle Kvello

Sydney, New South Wales
Chartered Accountant (ICAEW), Masters of Applied Finance, BA Hons (History)
Virtual CFO
I've worked for large corporates like Yahoo!7, Foxtel and 20th Century Fox, as well as SMEs and start ups, drawing on my 15+ years' experience holding senior finance roles and as a Chartered Accountant.
I'm a non-executive director for a Not-for-Profit Organisation (in performing arts) and work with an Indigenous Charity.
I moved to Australia from the UK 15 years ago. I was backpacking around the world but got to Sydney and decided to settle.

After working as a Chartered Accountant and holding a series of other senior finance roles for media and digital companies for close to 15 years, I decided to run my own business and started Lantern Partners in 2011.

I work predominantly with start ups and scale ups, mostly in the media and technology space, but specialise in providing commercial and strategic financial support - instead of more traditional taxation or highly technical accounting services.

As a working Mum myself (I now have two young kids), I employ mainly Mums who have had successful careers and want to return to challenging commercial finance work, but want more flexibility.

The team at Lantern Partners helps businesses work out their cash flow projections, revenue profiling and business modelling. We make businesses "look pretty" for sale, which involves tidying up their financial processes and procedures, making sure their business plans make sense and that historical information can be validated to ensure we can answer the questions we know (based on our experience) will be asked by potential acquirers.

We're also regularly called upon to help recruit our clients' first in house finance team/s and train and mentor those individuals.