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Raine Gaisford

Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Commercial Law and International Business
Founder & Strategist
Started my career working in a marketing agency before moving into in-house management roles. Cofounded a group in Melbourne named Digital Women's Network before moving to Brisbane to head up the marketing for a Tech Startup. I now run my own agency with a focus on B2B, Tech, Startup, Scaleup and Services businesses.
LinkedIn (focus)
Startup life
Innovative tech
The marketing industry is plagued by confusion and deception. 63% of businesses rate traffic and lead acquisition as their biggest challenge over budget contraints (State of Inbound) which begs the question as to what the thousands of agencies in Australia are doing with marketing budgets.
My career began in an agency and I've worked with many more while working buyer-side. My greatest frustration was the cookie-cutter approach these agencies took, shrouded in jargon and empty promises, which benefited their bottomline more than mine.
Since starting my own business - which is both a Marketing Agency and a Tech Startup - my goal is to introduce clarity into the marketing industry and develop tools for businesses which will deliver growth for them. The first tool released uses an algorithm to calculate the marketing mix for a business based on their circumstances. A lot of businesses struggle to find good strategists, or hire marketers blindly without any insight into what they will deliver. This tool solves that problem and saves businesses time and money while providing clear insight into what marketing activities will drive growth. It offers businesses owners clarity into marketing and gives marketers breathing room to develop a comprehensive strategy that will deliver maximum success from every activity.
A number of additional problem-solving technologies are in development due for release in early 2019.