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Nicole Montgomery

Register Nurse 7+ years
Qualified Beauty Therapist
Entrepreneur 5+ years
Founder of Trusted Surgeons
I have worked within the aesthetic industry for over 8 years. I spent 3+ years at The Cosmetic Institute working with thousands of patients (predominantly breast augmentation). I now work with patients who are victims of plastic surgery. I am passionate about education around the dangers of Plastic surgery and increasing awareness of the lack of regulations.
Aesthetic Surgery, patient journey, cosmetic surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery, non-surgical aesthetic enhancement, social media for aesthetic clinics.
Fashion, Travel, Family
I have been a cosmetic and plastic surgery registered nurse for over 8 years. I have over 20 years experience in customer service, administration and marketing roles. My diverse background and creative flare has lead me to be a leader in patient advocacy and medical marketing.

After working in the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry, I saw a desperate need for an unbiased information source. I am frustrated by the rise in unethical marketing tactics utilised to drive leads and encourage patients to have surgery.

This frustration led me to utilising my expertise to promote informed decisions with a motivation to decrease the high volume of unsafe practices.

Since Trusted Surgeons inception in early 2016 Trusted Surgeons has grown into a much bigger project, however the fundamentals and the importance of only listing qualified trusted members and following accredited guidelines has not, and will never change.

Understanding the importance of industry support, Trusted Surgeons is working closely with ASPS, ASAPS, AHPRA, FRACS and other bodies to ensure the highest level of medical standards are provided to the public.

My industry experience and recognized blogging and journalism skills also landed me and Trusted Surgeons as a finalist in the My Face, My Body Awards, 3rd place in Digital Innovation in the Ausmumpreneur awards and being invited to speak at the ASAPS Surgical Conference and the HCCC public hearing.

Trusted Surgeons is the largest and most reputable source for plastic surgery information and advice. With many more exciting plans ahead Trusted Surgeons empower's and educate's thousands of patients.

Qualified Surgeons list for FREE. Trusted Surgeons reviews are verified and no surgeon privileges are awarded.

By the end of 2017 TS live videos on Facebook alone reached 85.2k views, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter continue to grow pushing TS video views to well over 90k. TS have had over a dozen mainstream articles published, with many going viral. I have been a guest on the project, ABC 4 corners and channel seven news.

I am on a mission to increase truth and transparency in the aesthetic industry.