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Christine Cronau

Master of Public Health Nutrition (MPH Nutr)
Advanced Dip Nutritional Medicine
Bachelor English and Mathematics
I am a Nutritionist who specialises in weight loss and insulin resistance. I am also the bestselling author of: Bring Back the Fat, The Fat Revolution, and the Fat Revolution Cookbook.

My new keto cookbook is coming out early 2019.
LCHF (low carb, high fat)
Epidemiology behind nutrition studies (I can tell you if a study is flawed)
Health, fitness, gardening, natural living. We built an eco house in the bush, we have chickens, maremma dogs (the guardian dogs featured in the movie Oddball), and love growing our own veggies and herbs.
I grew up on a low-fat diet full of whole grains and vegetables; what I thought was the perfect "healthy" diet. But instead of being a picture of health, I was overweight and unwell (chronic fatigue, insulin resistance, and more).

If I was doing the "right" things, why didn't I look and feel better? After researching, I discovered the keto diet and haven't looked back. I haven't had to think about my weight for almost 20 years, and I reversed all my health conditions.

I became a Nutritionist so I could help others navigate the maze of health information and misinformation.

I eventually studied my Master's in Public Health Nutrition, which was a fascinating look at the science behind nutrition. The current scientific literature does not support the low-fat dietary guidelines, and shows that a diet lower in carbohydrates and higher in natural fat is far more beneficial for weight loss and optimal health.

I now run a weight loss program that has been successful for many people who have failed previously. For example, Lee was over 200 kg and had tried everything. His doctor sent him to a dietitian who recommended the standard low-fat diet. He gained 15 kg. He tried starving himself and literally eating nothing while flogging himself in the gym. Nothing worked.

Lee's wife decided to start my program in January 2017, but Lee was sceptical. But after watching her success, he decided to try it in February. In 12 weeks, he lost 13 kg. He could not believe he was losing. He said, "How can I eat pork with crackling and be down in weight in the morning?" In just over one year, he lost 112 kg!! And, he has completely transformed his health and lifestyle.

Some studies claim a keto diet is "dangerous" but these studies are flawed. Reputable science shows keto diets are very healthy and often the answer to life-long battles with weight and poor health.