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Carmen Williams

South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
At the core of everything Carmen does is an unwavering mission to equip leaders and their teams with the tools, resources and systems necessary to create lasting change that will ultimately lead to a healthier workplace and a profitable bottom line. She is a a finalist for the AusMumpreneur award 2018.
As a consultant, Carmen Williams brings over a decade of knowledge and experience helping CEO’s and entrepreneurs get crystal clear on the strategic direction of their company, reach their potential and successfully implement organisational change.
Why did YOU go into business? Whatever your reason, we just want to say that we admire you for being brave and going for it.

We help business owners who are a bit stuck or at a crossroads through one-on-one coaching sessions. (You talk through your stuff regularly and are held accountable to get results). You can have all the resources under the sun but you need to organise things in your own mind and be doing what's important to be successful).
As a child, Carmen was the ‘good girl with long blond hair’. She lived her life following the rules. Her destiny seemed set: Study hard, get a job, get married and have kids.

However, it wasn’t long before Carmen started pushing the boundaries.

Carmen lived up to the label by keeping all the rules, studying hard and starting university at 16. She loved studying science at University and got top marks, BUT decided to go against the advice of her mentors and be brave by getting a job in the ‘real world’.

This brave young woman found herself implementing an enterprise-wide project across an organisation with 17,000 staff. Talk about a vertical learning curve!

She went on to kick many career goals.

Carmen even went on to shave off ALL of her hair. She told everyone that she was raising money but really, she was exploring her self-identity.

But a perfect storm was brewing…

Carmen’s Mum was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which made her realise how short life could really be and at the same time, Carmen embarked on a life-changing course with Maureen Pound.

The day after the course, Carmen walked into work, quit her job and walked out at lunchtime. She realised that intelligence or knowledge alone was not going to result in business success. She needed to consistently take brave action.

Feeling the fear, she went on to build a successful healthcare consultancy business that is both financially successful and serving the community.

Although Carmen is painfully aware that you can’t take money with you when you die and is not an end unto itself, she has also seen that money gives you options and the ability to enhance your positive impact.

Whilst interacting with many business owners on her journey, she has learnt that so many women in business are simply not making money. This needs to stop!

Carmen and Maureen Pound have now joined forces to support other women in business to be brave and make money.

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