Elly Johnson

Sydney, Australia
Expert in Truth , Lies, Communication and Human Behaviour.
Behaviour Trainer | Truth Leader | Keynote Speaker
Ex-policewoman turned business woman, trainer and speaker.
30 years in roles where getting the truth, teaching people how to get the truth and learning how to read behaviour and spot signs of harmful deception, early.
Navigating Truth Dilemmas®
Encouraging more truth in interactions, interviews, relationships, dating, in business, within teams
Understanding lies and deception and knowing how to improve chances of spotting it in high stake situations.
More authentic connections and relationships, leading to improved trust and honesty.
Human Behaviour
The science of truth and lies
Reading - audio books
Personal Growth
Reaching far out of my comfort zone again and again
Coaching others to break through limiting barriers
Policewoman turned businesswoman, Elly Johnson is Australia’s female authority on truth, lies and human behaviour. Elly’s life and career have navigated a path that has presented many stories about the impact of lies and the power of truth.

When the stakes are high even a little lie can increase risk or damage reputations and relationships. Elly’s training programs, seminars and keynote presentations make an impact every time.

Knowing how to attract and encourage truth can improve workplace culture, team communication and overall productivity. Being more aware in reading body language and subtle emotions can give you insights into what someone is really thinking or feeling when it matters most. Becoming more aware of the impact of your own behaviour can influence how others see you, understand you and respond to you.

Lies can waste time, break trust and cost money. In love, lies can shatter relationships and change the direction of lives. There are not too many topics as important as truth and lies.

Elly applies her life experience along with professional experience in policing, corporate and in business to craft the right solution to advise, support, educate or entertain around topics that apply to everyone.

Experienced in high stake training with security officers, intelligence agents, law enforcement, customs and high level business people.
Creator of Truth, Lies and Love program to keep women safe from harmful lies on the dating scene.

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