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Ian Ugarte

Bach of Education In Adult Education
Diploma of Building
Certificate IV in Building
Certificate IV in Plumbing
Certificate III in Plumbing
Diploma in Relexology
Diploma of Colonic Irrigation
Housing Affordability Disruptor, Property Investor & Developer, Public Speaker,
Founder of Australian Housing Initiative, Entrepreneurs 23 businesses 23 years, Plumber, Builder, Educator, Mindset, Holistic Health.
Micro-apartment Specialist, Public Speaking, Private Mentoring, Adult Education, Policy Advisor, Master of Ceremonies
Social Economy, Social Enterprise, Housing Design, Family, Property Development, Housing Affordability
In 2014, I moved our six-person family out of our massively oversized home into a 3-bedroom cottage. This was to both reduce our housing footprint and align our lifestyle with my personal values of incorporating intelligent redesign to tackle Australia’s growing housing crisis.

With most developers and housing providers continuing to push the ‘cookie-cutter’ 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home as the ‘ideal’, a growing number of single adults are living in public housing. Worse still, the number of women over 50 who find themselves homeless and forced to live in cars or couch-surf has doubled in the last five years.

Unable to sit idly by, I have developed a program that helps redress this industry’s standard approach to development, and made it my mission to help combat the epidemic levels of ‘White Collar Homelessness’ and fill the 12 million+ beds that lie empty every night around the country.

My solution is not just in the construction of a dwelling house. It combines a more intelligent use of space with a more flexible floorplan, with the consequence being that it re-builds the essential components of a community.

By turning my industry’s standard strategies on their head, Mum and Dad investors and developers have been quick to embrace the program, which is not only founded on an ethical platform, but offers them significant financial gains.

These days, I help educate people on the program and the power they have to drive social change - offering them these proven strategies and opportunities to design and construct appropriate housing solutions. Not solely for those at risk, but also for the greater community.

I’m also actively lobbying Government to change an outdated housing policy to make micro-apartments and communal living more easily accessible. I’ve achieved some success, but this important work continues.

As a social commentator, I’m regularly sought out for comment on television, radio and in print media on the housing affordability crisis and my simple fix that relies more on Mum and Dad investors - NOT the big end of town or Government.