Jason Hoeung

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• Bachelor in Digital Media
• MBA in Marketing

• 14+ years in men's apparel specialising in Men's Underwear, Beachwear, Activewear
• Sustainable materials in the fashion industry
• Men’s Styling
• Brand Management
• Social Media Marketing
• Personal Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-hoeung/
• Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonhoeung/
• Men’s style and trends
• Integrated sustainable production
• International trade
• eCommerce: branding, marketing, website, advertising
• Small business: Branding, budgeting, launching a new business
• Cultural and Ethnic matters relating to inclusiveness in Media and pop culture.
• LGBTQI in business, diverse family
• Diversity
• Sustainability & Environmental issues in production
• Fashion

It all started in 1983, at the age of two, Jason along with his family, arrived as refugees from war-torn Cambodia with clothes on their backs and one small suitcase with all their essential belongings. To make ends meet, the family eventually started to sew and established a clothing manufacturing business in Western Sydney.

In his teens, all Jason wanted to do was pursue fashion but his family would not allow him to enter the business of fashion based on the hardships they themselves experienced in the industry, so instead, he chose the path of graphic design. Whilst working as a graphic designer throughout his 20’s, he saw a gap in the market for fashionable swimwear for men in Australia and started designing swimwear whilst also working full-time. With his fashion background and his knowledge in graphics and branding, he founded his label 2EROS in 2008. He would fulfil orders after work, every night in his apartment and would send them out during his lunch breaks like clockwork. Five years later, SUPAWEAR was born due to a more youthful direction he wanted to take with underwear. By the sixth year, he was now able to start working full-time on his two brands as they had seen success after success, year after year.
Entering the global market of the industry came with a whole different set of challenges. Especially in the world of business, Jason’s identity had no choice but to evolve in order to authentically align with his mission which meant being vulnerable enough to come out as gay in the workplace and with his family at home. All of this whilst still figuring out what it meant to be an Australian. Selling the brand to a Europe facing market was another struggle in of itself, as the nuances of diversity and culture were still not as understood and accepted as it is today. A topic that is very important to Jason.

Jason also has a deep care for the wellbeing of our oceans which is at the heart of his swimwear collections. The ocean is a big part of the Australian Lifestyle and we enjoy how beautiful our beaches are due to the diverse marine life. It is important that we care for them by reducing the human impact, and preventing more plastics from entering our oceans in the first place. Redirecting PET plastic bottles that will end up in landfill and our seas and repurposing them into recycled nylon and polyester to create swimwear and swim shorts.