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Lindsay Silcox

Sydney, NSW
University 'dropout'.
Gin Lane Co-founder
Lindsay began his career in corporate marketing and communications in the UK. He worked for several national and multinational organisations prior to the dreaded GFC.

2 redundancies in 7 months prompted a successful move into the SME sector. Lindsay has since forged a successful sales and marketing career in the watch and jewellery industry.

Most recently he fulfilled a life long goal with the launch of his own business, Gin Lane, in none other than the craft gin industry.
Gin, Craft Gin, Craft Spirits, Small Business, Subscription Businesses, Self Employment, Dual Nationality, Marketing, Communication
I love history, people and places. At a macro level I want to tap into world affairs and understand what and why things are happening around the world.

At the other end of the spectrum I love to hear and share people's stories, where they came from and where they're going.
When Lindsay was learning to drive back in England, he had 2 driving tests to pass. The first was the official government test, but the second and more important was his mum's test. 'If I can sit in the passenger seat, with my g&t and you don't cause me to spill it with your driving, you pass the test!'

Fast forward 20 years and a bbq with a friend, and fellow pom, set the scene for Gin Lane.

Lindsay had been active in the SME sector for some time, with an eye towards his own successful business. Somewhere around g&t number 4, he and Paul were deep in discussion about the explosion in craft gin around the world.

They were both familiar with the growth in the industry carrying over to Australia, but questioned how well known or understood the industry was by the general public. Did they know Australia was producing these incredible gins and how would they find them if not?

On g&t 5 or 6, without any alcohol induced bravado, they decided that launching a craft gin subscription was the only way forward for them.

Lindsay and Paul set out to seek the smaller, craft distilleries across Australia, that were producing the best products. They learnt the stories behind the gins and share these with their growing membership base.

With new distilleries opening monthly, it's an exciting and fascinating industry. Gin Lane is playing it's part in opening it up to people across Australia.