Stacey Kehoe

London, UK
Business Owner, Director of Communications, Property Investor
Founder of multiple businesses
Digital Marketing Agency:

Digital Magazine:

Property Investment Company:
Travel Blog featuring 50+ countries I have visited:

Twitter: @brandlective
digital marketing, online branding, personal branding, personal development, business consulting, reputation management, business performance, business owner, entrepreneur.
I want to see people of all demographics have the ability to live the life they choose through personal development, travel and entrepreneurship.
Originally from Auckland, NZ, I have made London home for the last 11 years. After 3x back-to-back redundancies in 2007 / 2008 I decided to take control of my career and became self employed.

I began with a commission only door-to-door sales job before moving into recruitment an later found my niche in Digital Marketing.

Self-employment required mental strength, discipline and perseverance so I found myself investing in entrepreneurship and personal development. It was through a shift in mindset and belief that I could run a successful business that I decided to launch Brandlective Communications Ltd in 2011 (at a time many other startup’s were failing due to the global recession).

Under my leadership Brandlective has grown an average of 29% year on year since its establishment. I would attribute this to being confident in my decision making, creative and taking a proactive approach to seize opportunities as they present themselves. I have talented and loyal staff who are also passionate about our businesses commitment to helping startup get the best opportunities to succeed.

In late 2015 I launched a digital marketing magazine, BrandMag which is being well received by industry leaders. BrandMag is a social enterprising project which acts as a free platform for startup’s, SME’s and entrepreneurs to share their business success stories, advice and services. The success of BrandMag was in part credited for my nomination: ‘2016 London Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the FSB’s London Business Awards.

My latest venture is a Property Investment firm, Blackbridge Properties Ltd which I launched in 2017.
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