Bernadette Janson

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Surry Hills NSW
General Nurse
Renovator, Coach & Mentor
Buying renovating and selling/holding since 1987
Empowering ( mainly) women in their 40s and 50s to harness their existing skills and resources to create a life and an income they love through renovating and property

All aspects of renovating

Using renovating as a tool to partner with our young adult to create a deposit for their first home without it coming out of my pocket

Renovating apartments for quick easy profits


Champagne renovations on a beer budget
I have been addicted to renovation since I did my first project at 13 in my family farmhouse.
I found that by transforming my surroundings i could change the way I feel about myself.

Over the years since, renovating has been a powerful hobby enabling me to retire from nursing at 29 to be a stay at home mum and pursue a passion for creating beautiful spaces.

Over the next twenty years, with the help of my husband ( project manager in hospital and university construction)
I carved out a process for making a six figure profit on each project enabling me to produce a full time income in 2-3 months work.

I started The School Of Renovating in 2013 to share my skill with women needing to build financial capacity.

Many Australian women are financially vulnerable but most don't realise it until they encounter a crisis such as a relationship breakdown or reach retirement and discover that there is a lot more life than there is money.

The cause is deeply rooted in biology. Women are hardwired to be the carers, the nurtures and homemakers often sacrificing their own ambitions and financial security.

A Danish study in 2018 showed that a woman's earring capacity diminishes significantly when her first baby is born and never recovers .

We work with women to channel their passion for nurturing and homemaking into renovating for profit .

This enables them to build a renovation business and make six figure profits working part time so that they still have the flexibility and time to care for the people they love.

The ripple effect is alive and well at the School of renovating. When mothers do better , so do their families and communities.