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Bernadette Janson

Surry Hills NSW
General Nurse
Renovator, Coach & Mentor
Buying renovating and selling/holding since 1987
Empowering ( mainly) women in their 40s and 50s to harness their existing skills and resources to create a life and an income they love through renovating and property

All aspects of renovating

Using renovating as a tool to partner with our young adult to create a deposit for their first home without it coming out of my pocket

Renovating apartments for quick easy profits


Champagne renovations on a beer budget
I did my first renovation as a 13 year old , on a farm in central Victoria . I made over my room in the latest 70’s style .The sense of satisfaction I felt when I finished made for one of those defining moments in life. I was blown away with how I could take some imagination, materials and elbow grease and totally transform my surroundings and more importantly transform how I felt about myself.

I felt like a rockstar...and I was hooked .

From that point on my passion remained in taking old ugly unloved properties and turning them into beauties.

I found that while it is still a very male dominated area, as a woman I am good at it , i think because we have an inherent sense of how a home should look, feel and work. It is like taking home-making to a whole new level.

I was lucky that Stephen, the love of my life shared my passion. He has the added benefit of a building background. He helped me negotiate the established and sometimes mysoginistic attitudes of the building industry particularly in the 80s..

The down side of renovating to a builders song book is that it can make profit elusive . We had to make some adjustments to the process along the way to really nail the profit making side of our obsession.

It has been on renovating that I have built a family, a marriage and friendships.

When women get into middle age, a couple of things happen. Our sense of self worth diminishes and we start to feel invisible.
It is impossible to feel worthless or invisible when you play such an important and creative role producing dream homes for families to thrive in.

This has been the driving force of my business.
I have created a community of ( mostly) women who are able to tap into their natural born skills to create an income and life a life they love through renovating and are able to share the joy and the challenges with one another along the way.

I am now in my 50s and my projects are clearly focused on enriching the lives of our family and community.

Some of my current projects are:

Eg Not many people have a spare $1m in their back pocket to buy a house to flip so I tested and refined renovating apartments so that it is now a good alternative for quick flips. Now we have several renovators flipping apartments.

Most of us worry how our children will get into the market and so did I until I figured it out.
I test this strategy with our eldest daughter recently. We combined our resources, her serviceability and my equity and bought renovated and sold an apartment and made a tidy $155k profit. So now I am working my way through to do the same for our other 3 children.

Our current reno is for a cause that is close to our hearts. We have bought and are renovating an apartment in Surry hills Sydney and the profit is going to Hands AcrossThe Water, an organisation we passionately support because we have been touched by the selfless work they do, providing homes ( orhanages), education and love for at risk-children who have had a traumatic start to life due to abuse, abandonment or HIV aids.