Suzanne Skillen

Sydney, Australia
Pilates Instructor Certificate - Australian Fitness Network
Pilates Instructor Certificate- Balance Physiotherapy & Pilates
Public Speaking- Break Through training USA
Silva Method training- Silva
Motivational Speaker and Trainer
Professional Ballet Dancer
30+years Pilates trainer
24+years Personal Development trainer
5 years Public Speaking for fundraising
3 years on the board of Golden Octopus

network marketing, mind-set coaching , teaching and training on mindset and belief, over 60's business training, leadership, how to be an entrepreneur,
Travel, theatre, reading, movies, family, languages , pilates, yoga, walking
As a little girl I had a dream to become a ballet dancer, when I was young I put on dancing shows for my local community.
One day a neighbour, put a letter in my letterbox announcing AUDITIONS in London for young dancers wanted.

I was excited, but her parents were against my dancing and told me " Lets take her to London, to show her that she is NO GOOD.

I was 9 at the time.

I went to the auditions, and won a scholarship with the world famous Ballet Rambert and left home at 10 years of age.

At the age of 15 I was hand picked by the famous contemporary dancer, Martha Graham, to join her company in London.
After hanging up my ballet shoes and I went onto became a Master Pilates practitioner and Nautilius trainer.

Opened a health studio in the Kings Rd with James Hunt the Formula 1 racing driver and whilst there taught many famous athletes, celebrities and aristocrats. Including the late Princess Diana.

Then I set up my own studios in London, Italy, South Africa and Australia.

I also set up the first BENETTON store in London and had my own range of active wear.

I have lived and worked in 18 countries and completely has lost everything 3 times.

In 2009 I had to borrow money from my daughter to pay my rent, I had lost everything. Fast forward to 2018 I own 3 properties , million dollar business, travel the world presenting and speaking on stage .

Everything I do now is to help and mentor other women, to achieve their dreams in HEALTH and WEALTH.

I have had to bring up my two children alone and am so proud of the adults they have become and of my grand daughter

I has always believed in living a life of contribution and is an Ambassador for MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION, on the board of the GOLDEN OCTUPUS FOUNDATION.and a Supporter of Jodie OSHEA orphanage in Bali. For the last 15 years I have supported a young Tibetan girl that I connected with whilst volunteering in Dharmasala.

This stage of my life is my "3rd act" and that everything I have ever done has led me to this moment.
A gypsy at heart. Loves travel, languages and learning about other cultures.

This stage of her life her"3rd act" and that everything I has ever done has led her to this time when she can teach, mentor and pour love into others.

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