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David Kaity

Bachelor of Business Management
Property Marketing Strategist
Twelve years experience in personal and commercial equipment finance. Five years experience in property marketing, investment, renovation and development.
Property marketing and sales; Property renovations and investment
Squash, running, currency trading, travel, personal development
Having had a long time passion for all things to do with property investing, I have tried various strategies from buying and holding, renovating and flipping. Along the journey, I realised that real estate agents don't sell properties. Instead, there is a process or a recipe that does this and it does not care who follows it or how much people pay.

I decided to quit my well paid job in commercial equipment finance and made it my mission to eliminate real estate commissions in Australia and help people to sell their homes for top dollar at a fraction of the cost of a traditional real estate agent. I want people to walk away from their home sale with $10,000 to $50,000+ more than they could with any traditional real estate agent.