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Ken Hudson

PhD In Organisational Creativity (UWS)


B.Bus (UTS)
Chief Idea Officer
Corporate leadership experience (Marketing Director - American Express)

Author of 3 books on Ideation & Speed Thinking that have been published in 9 countries.

Run my own creative thinking and innovation consulting, training & facilitation business for the past 10 years.
Twitter: Dr Ken Hudson

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Creative Thinking


Kung Fu - level 10

Football for middle aged, balding men
I have worked in large organisations in senior roles (Marketing director at Amex),.

Then went back to university to complete a PhD in Organisational Creativity.

On the back of this I set up a creativity thinking and innovation consulting, training and facilitation business.

I work in Australia and extensively in China which i love.

I have written 3 books on Idea Generation and Speed Thinking.

Along the way i have developed the world's fastest ideation tool called Ideas Blitz.

A fortunate life!