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CT Johnson

Sydney, Australia
Speak Mandarin, Russian and German
China and Globalisation Expert
20+ years working in Finance, Marketing and Sales with or for Asian and European clients, particularly in China and Russia.
Twitter: ctjohnson00
China, Chinese business, Chinese management practices, Chinese outbound investment, China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Chinese companies, Asia, Asian business, management
I'm a Thought Leader in the fields of Asian-Western business issues and cross border management. I've spent the last 20 years working with and for multinational companies in Western Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, the US and China. I specialize in management issues between companies in China and the Anglophone countries (i.e. US, UK, Australia). My passion is working with businesspeople to do extraordinary things on the global stage.

I'm an American and living in Australia; previously I lived in the US, Russia and China. I started my career with Ernst & Young and later worked for Swedish telecom equipment-maker Ericsson. Most recently, I worked for Huawei Technologies in China, acting first as their global Corporate Controller and later as a member of the Board of Directors of several Huawei subsidiaries in Asia. In addition to English, I speak German, Russian and Mandarin.