Arvin Bisbal

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Primarily in Adelaide (SA) but also Melbourne (Vic)
* Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice
* Bachelor of Management (Human Resources)
* Diploma Occupational Health & Safety
* Licensed Recruiter
* Registered Agent - Industrial Relations Court (SA)
* Accredited Workplace Injury Manager
* Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator
Workplace Specialist (Human Resources + Industrial Relations)
* Over 19 years of experience in Human Resources and Industrial Relations advisory
* Over 13 years of coaching and guiding small to medium business owners on navigating workplace legislation and people management
* Currently Founder & CEO - Workplace Partners
* Former CEO - Real Estate Employers' Federation SA/NT

* Industrial Relations Advisor - keeping employers up to date on legislative changes and compliance requirements
* Human Resources Management
* Representing employers in the Fair Work Commission and Industrial Court
* Performance development and management
* Develop high-performance work systems and culture
* Termination & Redundancies
* Recruitment - How to attract and retain talent
* Fashion Model
* Life Coach - inspiring women to find their best self
Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Female Founder, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Model, Natural Bodybuilder
According to the Fair Work Ombudsman data, 1 in 2 employers do not know or understand their employer obligations. These employment fundamentals are not only complex, but the lack of knowledge and understanding is costing employers $532 million a year and placing their business at risk.

In 2010 after becoming aware of the lack of accessible HR & IR advice and resources for small to medium business owners in understanding their employer obligations and managing their employees, I stepped away from my corporate HR/IR role to became an independent HR /IR consultant. In 2013, I officially launched Workplace Partners.

As the Founder and CEO of Workplace Partners, I am passionate about guiding and protecting business owners so they can concentrate on doing what they do best and we can manage their workplace compliance and people management.

Please feel free to reach out to me any time for comments on areas you feel I can contribute to via my mobile at 0499 681 838 or