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Adam Savage

Hobart, Tasmania
Bachelor of Arts/Law
CEO of EcceKo
Founded and developed EcceKo, the world's best matcha tea company. Regular contributor to MindBodyGreen, and have ran campaigns with Vie Active and Lululemon.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
Health and fitness, business, motivation, social media.
Volunteer and charity work, training for a marathon, movies and live music.
In late 2013 I became ill with a mystery virus. Before that I ran half-marathons for fun, but was confined to a bed for large periods of 2014. After becoming disillusioned with the traditional medical establishment I founded first GZ Health (healthy living blog), and then EcceKo, a matcha tea company.

I'm passionate about helping others achieve their healthy living goals, and have grown GZ Health and EcceKo from nothing into businesses that contribute to some of the biggest health sites in the world, and developed and ran campaigns with businesses as diverse as Vie Active and Lululemon.