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Ash Oz

Real Estate Licence
Property Investment Strategist / Mentor
I have been investing in property for about 20 years.
I help people invest in residential property all over Australia - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. Perth & Adelaide.
I personally have investments in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne
Property investing
Property investment
Real estate investing
Real estate investments
Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)
Real estate
Wealth creation
Tax minimisation using property investing
Buying property in self managed super fund (SMSF)
Overseas investors buying Australia property
Ash Oz founder of Oz Property Portfolio is a Property Investment expert who has built a multi-million dollar property portfolio which allowed her to quit her Centrelink job. Now her mission is the help others achieve passive income through investing in property and quit their job.

In 1993 at the tender age of 19, she purchased her first property and has been buying property ever since. Along the way she made most of the mistakes that investors make. She notices people making these same mistakes today, which are preventing investors from attaining the wealth available through property.

After 20 years of her career as a Customer Service Officer at Centrelink, Ash developed Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in her right arm.

This caused her to re-evaluate her life and
career. While working as a public servant, Ash had coincidentally built a property portfolio that is now generating a 6 figure passive income for her. Her naively well chosen investments allowed her to leave her Centrelink job.
Walking away from her job allowed Ash to have time to educate herself on property investing and find a great team of people to help her triple her property portfolio. That was when she realised she wanted to give back and help others achieve wealth through property investing.

Her own knowledge, experience and passion to educate and help everyday Australians build a solid foundation for financial freedom through strategic property investing has lead to her new career path as a Property Investment Strategist.

Ash shares her experiences as a property investor and the mistakes she has made along the way. She shares her insight into the current property market trends and property cycle. She further explains the advantages of having the correct loan structure and utilising the tax benefits in order to help her client grow a solid property portfolio.

She inspires people to take the steps needed in order to become a successful property investor.

Her insight into successful property investment helps people put a plan in place and take action on the plan.

She is passionate about helping and guiding first time investors to take their initial steps, or more experienced investors to further expand and enhance their property portfolio.

She helps her clients implement a proven property investment strategy with a long term vision to wealth creation, property investing and financial freedom.

Ash has affiliated herself with Australia’s leading property investment companies which allow her clients to leverage off these relationships by taking advantage of their research and acquisition, and also the investor networks and wholesale negotiation power. These bring benefits to clients as they are able to invest in areas with potential for high growth and allow them to invest in exclusive VIP opportunities not available to the public.

Ash inspires, motivates and supports people to create a vision, believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their dreams.