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Dr Rebecca Harwin

Adelaide, South Australia
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science)
Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Postgrad (Chiropractic Paediatrics)
ACNEM Primary Course
Health author and writer, Nutritionist, Chiropractor
I have 12 years of clinical experience, helping patients to reduce and eliminate their pain, lose excessive weight, go from infertility to motherhood, and live well.

I am the author of:

Conquer Your PCOS Naturally
Conquer Your Back Pain Naturally
The PCOS Diary - From Struggle To Success
The Clean Eating Recipe Book
Inspiration For The PCOS Soul
From PCOS To Pregnancy
Successful PCOS Weight Loss
Conquer Your PCOS - The 12 Week Action Plan

I'm currently working on my next book, Healing Hearts, Slimming Bodies

I have completed many thousands of hours of further formal and informal study.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, obesity and healthy weight achievement and maintenance, wellbeing, women's health
I love living by our beautiful beach and my daily walks along it. My family is my focus, and helping my PCOS community. I'm interested in all things health, and empowering, educating and supporting people to live their best life.
International author, nutritionist, PCOS expert, Chiropractor and experienced clinician Dr Rebecca Harwin has been helping people to improve their health for many years.

In fact, her life’s mission is to help women and men from around the globe!

She has completed eight years of intensive University study, and holds three degrees; a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, a Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science), and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology), and has completed thousands of hours of further health studies.

She is passionate about combining my comprehensive education and research with my personal and clinical experiences to bring people a comprehensive way forward from illness to wellness.