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Jessica Glenn

Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Vientiane
* 5 years real estate and property development across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne
* 3 years banking across APAC
- Process Improvement
- Corporate and Commercial Innovation
* 2 years startup advisory and consultancy
* 2 years tech startup founder
* Startups
* Data analysis & Big Data
* Ruby on Rails
* Lean Startup
* Business model design
* Small business strategy
* Business travel
* Laptop lifestyle
Good food
Good wine
Good companies
Hi, my name is Jessica.

I'm a code slinging, business nerd and startup co-founder who lives out of a suitcase in hotels across the world.

I spent many of my formative working years in some of the worlds' most conservative industries; property, banking, diamonds etc. It's not the typical super hero origin story for a female tech co-founder.

Then one day I was working for one of Australia's big four banks, in an "innovation" department and I struggled to understand the amount of money that we were spending on outsourcing development. So I went to a Rails Girls event and learned to code.

I spent all of my free time over the coming years teaching myself how to make server side software.

Now I spend almost all of my time building tools and services that makes business easier.

Services like, which is a distributive virtual office based across the east coast of Australia and currently expanding across Europe, South East Asia and the USA.