Shelley Straw

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ba. Science (Nursing) La Trobe University
Grad. Cert. Human Resource Management
Grad. Cert. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Nursing
Course in Micro-Suction & Aural Hygiene
Ear health business owner & Principal Nurse
7 years running own Ear health business
Small business ownership
Specialist ear nursing
Health management at Royal Vic. Eye & Ear Hospital
General nursing at Alfred Hospital & in West Australia
Small business marketing
Established a nationally accredited training course in Nurse specialist ear care you hear the Melbourne Cup? straw
Ear health
Earwax removal
Small business ownership
Specialist ear nursing
Health management
Small business marketing
Nurse education
I am passionate about people, love my bookgroup, my singing group, and inspired by people who go out there and have a go.
For many years I was a manager at the Royal Victorian Eye & Ear hospital, with a background in Nursing. One day I met a New Zealand nurse, who was setting up her own ear clinic in Christchurch, and I was fascinated to learn more, as there was nothing of its kind in Australia. I had the specialist ear nursing skills, and the management experience, so I decided to open my own Crystal Clear Ears business in Melbourne. I went from being a public servant to a Nurse Entrepreneur, and all the joys of that journey. I learnt lots about marketing, setting up a health clinic, how to write policies, financial skills, and how to negotiate a lease. Now, after 7 years, I have a well established ear health business, with over 18,000 patients, 3 clinics, 6 nurse employees, and wonderful reception staff. I love it. The joy of having an idea, researching it, putting it into action, seeing it grow and prosper is worth all the hard work. The best thing of all, is the wonderful feedback we get from our patients, who love this method of safe ear cleaning, can hear again, and will never return to their old ear cleaning method. The second best thing, is the happy doctors and hearing professionals who regularly refer people to us, confident that we will do a good job, and help their patients.
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