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Ryan Young

Qualified in Horticulture and Sustainable Landscape Design. Burnley Melbourne Australia
Landscape Designer
Recognised Australian garden designer. Selected to show at Melbourne Grand Design Live, Oct 2014. Public speaker, sustainable design educator and creator of beautiful gardens with eco attitude.

Ryan Young has over 20 years experience designing and building sustainable landscapes.

He creates usable landscapes without compromising the future. All the materials specified are sourced locally and plant choices reflect the conditions & location of the landscape.

A specialist in natural swimming pools and ponds, environmental play spaces, edible landscapes and vertical gardens. He has created kitchen gardens for retirees in South Melbourne apartments and water gardens for residential homes in Melbourne's trendy Northcote.

He recently completed the contouring of a large property in Melbourne's Montmerency to create a large habitat area for a bird lover.
Garden design with a focus on sustainability and edible landscapes
Camping, outdoors, fishing and music
The outdoors and design is my life.

I am sick of looking at downright bad gardens that offer the environment and society nothing. Its an insult. We must cherish our natural assets.

As cities become denser the design of our gardens become more important. Every plant must earn its right to exist. A garden needs to do more than just look good - it must offer homes for animals, food sources for people, use water sensibly, allow our children a safe space to explore the world and inspire.

We can only have truly amazing cities once we all respond to our gardens and public spaces with deep consideration.