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Nikki Fogden-Moore

Noosa Heads - but travel weekly nationally and internationally
Bachelor Commerce,
nutritionist, personal trainer and speaker.
The Vitality Coach. Presenter, Author and Elite Life Coach, Head Trainer Women's Health & Fitness Magazine, CEO Life's a Gym,
Nikki specialises in working with and providing content for super busy people - entrepreneurs and modern living and loves contributing as a guest writer for articles, interviews on podcasts and TV. As Head Trainer for Australian Women’s Health & Fitness Mag, her monthly articles inspire 1.5 million readers each month to get active, no gym membership required.
Nikki’s readership is a 50 : 50 split of men and women across her blog, podcasts and social media. Known as The Vitality Coach.

Nikki has over 20 years consultancy experience and has always brought a tailored, experienced and bespoke approach to business, health and wellbeing. An every-day approach with a 5 star twist, Nikki empowers and educates her clients, helping them achieve total VITALITY.

With her role as Head Trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine and founder of Life’s a Gym, Nikki’s passion is all about a fresh perspective on food, fitness and mindset.

A combined background in international brand strategy and activation with a history in sports and nutrition gives a unique insight and understanding in the challenges we face to achieve work-life balance. Nikki’s brings this together with her brand new book VITALITY (out in 2015 on Amazon worldwide) cutting through the clutter to bring balance and health, teaching readers to create the life they want. 

Nikki’s blog can be found on and her podcast is downloaded by 35,000 listeners in 78 countries. her YOUTUBE channel is VitalityCoachTV.

I'm dedicated to helping super busy people find their mojo, and driven visionary companies create true business vitality – seamlessly and effectively. Join me for FREE weekly top tips, inspirational podcasts, goal setting and tools to help you create the life you want.
@nfogdenmoore for Facebook, LinkedIN, instagram and twitter. Youtube VitalityCoachTV
Presenting, Writing, Coaching, Retreats for smart driven individuals. Seamless tips and tools on fitness, fresh food and a fresh perspective on goal setting and achieving your personal best.

Key areas
Conscious Living
Influencers and game changers
Creating the Life You Want
Outdoors, the ocean, travel, healthy living and her dog Roxy -
Nikki’s programs are tailored from experience, efficiency and a truly 5 star approach to health and wellbeing. Nikki bridges the gap between her elite clients and creating every day effective approach with her role as Head Trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine and founder of Life’s a Gym – for a fresh perspective of food, fitness and mindset.

A combined background in international brand strategy & activation with history in sports and nutrition gives a unique insight and understanding in the challenges we face to achieve work-life balance.

Nikki divides her time between speaking, writing, retreats, coaching & collaborating on brand & lifestyle projects in Australia, NZ and the US. Her retreats have been running for 10 years – celebrating a decade of helping clients create the life they want.
Nikki is an ambassador for Body Science, Tiny Devotions, Mahina Mermaid, CCoconut Water and Tara Wolf Jewellery. She works in collaboration with Ben Wilson on brand and lifestyle projects including co-hosting the Namotu Island Kite Weeks each year and the Jeep Kite School program activation.

Nikki works across a variety of platforms and specialty products that over the past 10 years have become the core pillars of her presenting, writing, coaching and retreats. From The Vitality Coach Podcasts to her weekly blog, exclusive retreats, coaching and corporate vitality programs – to engage, inspire & connect.

Conscious Living/Giving Back
Part of Nikki's drive is to ensure that there is time and energy to give back. Whether on a community level closer to home, a national level as a mentor for the Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation, or on an international level supporting Animals Asia - befriending George the bear, brand and strategic support time for the IAPF with brand awareness, and on a daily basis by always supporting cruelty free brands and companies.

Content and Connection
Weekly videos, full length interviews from her Influencer series and a host of fitness tips and exercises to download or watch on your ipad/iphone for busy people to stay active and motivated. In 2015 VitalityCoachTV will have more videos, some new categories and provide another platform to be inspired, learn how to integrate healthy living into daily life and empowered through easy to use top tips. Subscribe to Vitality Coach TV on Youtube

WH&F Magazine, writing, fitness modelling and video content.
Nikki has be Head Trainer for Women's Health & Fitness Magazine since 2013. With over 1.5million readers per month and 5 digital platforms it's an incredible reach and community of women who want to achieve their personal best. Nikki writes, styles and shoots each issue from either Noosa, Fiji, LA or onsite for a travel story, produces each months videos and uploads top tips for quick facts and inspiration via the Fitspo quotes. Check out the media page for a look at previous article