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Health & Medical

Working with Freelance Writers and Bloggers Who Have Mental Health Conditions (E.g. Asperger's, High Sensitivity, Etc.)


Australia, New Zealand, UK & Republic of Ireland, Canada, United States

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Looking for companies with experience working with challenged freelancers, and successful/thriving freelancers with disabilities


I'm working on a series of three or more articles for freelance writers and bloggers who are on the autism spectrum or are highly sensitive or deal with other mental issues, including slow processing brain disorders, to help them find clients and grow their freelance career in spite of their challenges.

Because some of these challenges include the difficulty to adhere by tight deadlines (working with flexible or at least large deadlines is a must), interviewing sources by voice or in person, and work under pressure, the goal of my articles is to provide insight from companies, businesses and organizations that typically work with freelancers on best practices and approaches to ensure that both freelancer and client can successfully work together, which types of tasks/industries might not be suitable for the writer's challenges, and advice on troubleshooting (e.g. getting a deadline extension, whether it's better to work on a smaller or bigger project, etc.).

If you have experience working with challenged freelancers, or are a freelancer with disabilities yourself, please give this project a chance.

As a writer struggling with sensory overload and other mental and physical issues, THANKS for considering this important project!


31 March 2017 @ 5pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time

(Successful sources will not be paid.)

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