Nina Rosace

Business Management

Year 12

Professional Organiser, Author, Franchisor and CEO.
14 years of experience as a Professional Organiser.

Author of Home Sorted!, Kids Sorted, Baby Sorted! and Christmas Sorted! a series of self help guides.

CEO and Franchisor of Home Sorted! Franchise - a professional home organising Franchise
Home and Office Organising



I enjoy organising on every level. In my spare time I read, sort jigsaws, explore business forums and sort my friends homes as a means of relaxation.
Creating order when not tied to my computer is very relaxing :)

My business commenced in 2002, when I decided to write a DIY book named Home Sorted!. I actually commenced writing my book as a small guide and gifted it to my closest friends. I then decided to published the book and have created a series of four books to date.

The concept of the book was to guide families on how to organize their homes in a simple step-by-step manner. The book launched and I was inundated with requests from parents asking me if I offered a one on one service.

Many years later, I personally have serviced 100s of homes and have recently transformed my Home Sorted! Business into a Franchise, in order to extend a helping hand Australia wide.

Home Sorted! is all about helping families to cope and live a stress free life. By way of Franchising the business, I am happy that I have found a team of women who want to take control of their careers and are just as keen as me to help others to live stress free.

Our services offer a unique platform, one where we can help people in their home environment to feel more relaxed and in control.

The majority of my clients are time poor families – they are hard working women and they are busy with family commitments, running their own businesses or working for a boss genuinely have no spare time. We love to help them and are specialists in our field.

My story is different, when people hear what I have done, what I am doing and what I hope to achieve they are genuinely interested. It has taken hard work dedication and commitment.

My roles have included: Writer, Editor, Publisher, Sales Rep (personally sold my books to major retailers by liaising with the buyers), Professional Organiser, Designer, Blogger, Social Media Manager, PR Agent (got myself on TV & media) and Franchisor.

I would love to be a source where I can share my experience, tips, books, services and knowledge with others.

My Home Sorted! business concept is simple: Home Sorted! = Life Sorted!
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